Xikwri Neyrra

When psychedelic music becomes one with yourself… And the flow of energy and thoughts that are in high BPMs… Sound penetrates the atoms of your bones… And the noise begins to become information, starting to converse with strange voices… It’s time to stop time… To take the train and go “inside.” This is when “Xikwri Neyrra” is born.

Inspired by the fusion of Hicuri Neixa to give thanks to the sun, when opening the seasonal rain made by one of the most mystical ethnic groups in our country (Wixaritari), high frequencies, magic, energy, worldview of ancient peoples, creating a style of music: Hard Psychedelic Trance, with touches of darkness and madness, high BPMs, and some other surprises along the way… These… And many more things to discover.