DarkXel, also known as Axel Teixeira, was born in 1996 in Leiria, Portugal, and had his first contact with electronic music in 2011. After a year, in 2012, he discovered psychedelic trance music and began attending rave parties, sparking his desire to start mixing psytrance in 2013. In 2016, Axel founded his own project, DarkXel.

When it comes to describing the DarkXel soundscape, you will find ethnic influences and tribal rhythms fused with the synthesis of digital and analog instruments. These elements are used with the intention of creating a psychedelic effect on the listener, employing frequencies that activate specific systems within the brain, leading to a state of mind where the mind and spirit synchronize. This is accompanied by conveying a message to humanity mixed with cinematic environments, creating sensations of duality due to the contrast between light and dark. Enhancing this transcendent effect on his listeners is DarkXel’s mission.