Arishtat is the DJ project of Hamid, hailing from the beautiful lands of Persia, and is intertwined with the Avestan language, symbolizing the Zoroastrian principles of “justice” or “honestyā€¯.

His adolescence, filled with rock music, served as a prelude to his encounter with the psytrance music scene and culture that ensnared and allured him back in 2003 in the hallowed shores of Goa. Ensuing years fueled an insatiable passion for the music and entranced him to move to Goa in 2007, where he became a key figure in orchestrating vibrant gatherings, which irrevocably ushered him to embark on his journey as a DJ.

Beyond borders and across distant lands, his influence cast resonant incantations across Nepal, Turkey, and Iran, ultimately culminating in the establishment of his label and festivals in 2017, giving rise to the inaugural Ahoora festival and Ahoora music, a reflection of his abiding passion.