The project Biomekanik delivers an interesting point of view in experimental music with sound design focusing on the exploration of undiscovered sonic textures, otherworldly sounds and orchestral storytelling cinematic elements.

Knowledge of advanced synthesis and sampling, sound engineering techniques and top technological equipment, are the elements defining Bruno’s sound.

The inspiration coming from Sci-fi movies, the focus on technological sound design and psychedelic textures deliver a strong emotional impact in the listener’s body and soul.

His mind bending live sets have been highlighted in many underground European parties and internationally known psychedelic festivals such as: Freqs of Nature, Kali Mela, Glia Gathering, Odyssee Berlin, Unity Gathering, Hesperus Gathering, Camakavum fest, Jack Bimski Open Air and many more.

With a live set of Biomekanik you will feel an intense sonic experience that will elevate the spirit of the listener to new levels of consciousness through the exploration of new and complex frequency patterns.