Dayana – Italy

Djane Dayana (originally Italian but based in Spain) discovered the psytrance world in Barcelona in 2007. After one year, she bought her first DJ equipment and started to play. The power of music brought support from her listeners and she was invited to play her first party in Mamandawa in Sabadell in 2009. From there, she began the journey of spreading love though sound, and soon started to play in big events like Atman Festival, Master of Puppets, Universo Parallelo and multiple parties & festivals in Goa and Spain.

She has been part of the Atman Tribe since 2016, playing in every session in Sri Lanka.

Dayana’s sessions are great stories, with BPM evolutions that take her listeners on incredible twisty journeys.

She also has a project with her close friend Djane Psynonima called Dark Chocolate, which is a combination of deep and dark with energetic hi-tech.

She also experiments with mixing chill and techno. Now she is diving deeper into the digital world to produce her own music. Her passion drove her to attend 2 years of music school in Barcelona to evolve and understand the world of sound.

After working with many music labels, she has finally found her home in 2022 with Alice-D Records.