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Sephax – Electric Currents

Track listing

1. Current 1  (08:48)

2. Current 2 (07:42)

3. Current 3 (10:37)

4. Current 4 (09:04)


The nocturnal passage was crossed with high voltages and amplitudes the soul lives supercharged in a blissful state of high energy systems gleaming in colourful facets of the human emotive spectrum.

Sephax 01 was conceived to take over at a point of dawn where emotions are channeled into harmonious ranges to help switch the nervous system into parasympathetic state for reconnection with the self and home dimension, communicating and landing of the soul-personality.

Colorful clouds of arabesque harmonies from Iranian producer SepEhr  build the seed elements from which Audiosyntax took inspiration and set its syntax among different speeds to explore once more ranges of grooves and harmonies, this time for harmonic landing into the morning dawn.


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