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This story like many before started with the influence of sound

Our purpose is to evolve the human consciousness to  an awakening frame of mind, expanding the neuro network in turn to create unique harmonics to the listener’s ears.

For us it began a few years ago while attending psychedelic electronic festivals, back then it was centered around music on mainstream trance sounds, generic templates plus annoying build ups to nowhere, for this it was obvious that it was time for a transformation.

So began the journey of like-minded sound producers who got together and collaborated an alternate perspective, this  potential is to bring about a dynamic sound design and spread a message that music has a true essence to explore conscious awareness, while to bring back the essence of psychedelic to a dance floor near you.

How the community started?

In 2004 this dynamic emerged in creating a new underground label. Founded by Dark Whisper, the tribe ‘Alice-D’ was officially born. The mission was to create a deep impact with rolling bass lines in synergy with multidimensional sound-scape, that would influence the psyche within a community and bring about a healing “spiritual” transition to them.

Frequencies are designed and edited by the musicians involved with the Alice-D crew. Numberless sound experiments have followed, while skills improved, the Alice-D community are ready to transform the dance floors with a psychedelic experience.

Though, like many ideas the beginning was a challenge, but this only made the community much more persistent. We have attended numerous gatherings to encourage and create an awareness of alternative cerebral psychedelic sounds. This has led to a major breakthrough and a better understanding from the community to further elevate these ideas and experience a new style of music.

What does it sound like?

The distinctive sounds of Alice-D we feel is a mystical journey more tuned to a surreal experience, while dancing, meditating or expressing the power of selfless. Every style is prismatic however, the real purpose is to let the wanderlust experience to find a true ritual of a gathering ceremony with a positive out put and learning experience.

A higher level of collective conscience thereby creating an intelligent being to bring dance  to the harmonical core!

For more information on the community, check out the “Artists” section

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