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Audiosyntax – Xhakrik Rhozoma Part 7 – White

[one_whole] [/one_whole]
Track listing

1. 40.32 (06:02)

2. 80.64 (06:50)

3. 161.28 (05:54)

4. 322.61 (08:40)

5. Outro (04:18)


Xhakrik Rhizoma is a compendium of tracks that are made from the samples of 7 seed tracks.

It is a root-like network of tracks inspired by 7 energy centers within the human body.
Springing from the seven seed tracks there are 5 tracks for each center.
Each a different modulation from slow to fast, calming, focusing or exciting.

Each set of 5 tracks is released as a separate EP for 7 consecutive months together with a preview of the next 5

The stem tracks are featured in the PSY edit which will be a separate release

The intention was to rise in complexity and cross various genres to explore the interaction of mind and music once more in depth and detail

Despite a strong conceptual approach, I’ve let myself be guided by aesthetic intuition rather than strict conceptual limitation


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