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VA – Age of Change

Track listing

1. Dark Whisper – Vektor Viator (08:04)

2. Calyptratus – Imagined Future (06:45)

3. Psykovsky vs Spiral – Seyxye (07:13)

4. Ogoun vs Orestis – Oneiro (08:07)

5. Opus Summum – Obsession (05:47)

6. Arcek vs Will o Wisp – Sorrohc Sebip (06:39)

7. Kindzaza – Welcome Back (07:07)

8. Yaminahua – Bajadere (08:47)

9. Tegmentum – Aliens Under Your Feet (07:01)

10. Dark Whisper vs Yaminahua – Extended Waveform (08:29)

Nowadays the evolution of humans to the ancient natural way of life but at the same time to a high technological and universal human being makes a unique combination in history. This combination creates an incredible Age of Change which we are facing now and finally can bring in very amazing times or very terrible times. Let’s all together be responsible and well educated to be able to protect humanity against the Haunted Future. 

This album is made for celebrating our Age, to spread positive frequencies around and of course for Dance and Party.



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