Maiko – Lithuania

Born in Lithuania, at young age moved to Italy where i entered in to psychedelic scene just after my experience in underground tekno scene with illegal raves taz and squat parties, enjoying and studying this world, music and people every moment, till i started to organize parties in 2008. We organized illegal free parties, tekno and goa then ,when energies started to crash and different desires about music divide us, we created with some good friends the Little Dark Family and organized parties all around Italy fully orientated on darkpsy, hitech and experimental vibes, consolidating a darkpsy culture in this country. at these paryies played artists like kindzadza, psykovsky, yaminahua, kasatka, calyptratus, dark whisper, zik, kaya, spiral, select project, kaikkialla, mimic wat, megalopsy, will o wisp, virtuanoise, alpscore, kykeon, spore, radice, yara & malkavian, system crash, native elements, giuseppe and many many more! after long time listening, dancing, organizing and givin space for a lot of artists to play and express them self, i understood that i want also give my contribute to the dancefloor as a performer, cuz i saw how much i can give when i’m behind the desks, trying to guide people in a deep psychedelic experience.

Maiko dj sets are various and peculiar, from slow to fast bpm, always focused on a danceable and trance tunes. goes from classic darkpsy to new wave experimental music like psycore but also adding some spicy hitech tracks for a full euforia moments.

actually based in barcelona, i’m fully active in the psychedelic scene, performed in countries like italy, spain, sweden, czech republic, austria, lithuania, india, srilanka, turkey, holland,germany, poland, brazil, cambodia ; festivals like masters of puppets, psy fi, atman, human evolution,blackmoon,anaca ritual, shanti gravity and many more to comeĀ 

“DJ-ing itself is not just about playing songs. The art of DJ-ing is presenting new songs to the crowd that they haven’t heard before and creating a party vibe that’s different than just listening to anybody’s playlist. It’s the only way to truly be big and respected in your craft “