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Primitive Sound – A Dystopian Congregation – EP

Shirt – Primitive Sound – A Dystopian Congregation

Tapestry 60″ x 80″ – Primitive Sound – A Dystopian Congregation

Deck up your living room, elevate the ambience of your studio, bring your backyard or even a cozy little party to life! With this collector’s edition tapestry featuring the ineffable artwork from the second EP by Primitive Sound – A Dystopian Congregation, give those dull corners an uplift. There are just 4 pieces up for grabs. Pre-order now!

Primitive Sound – A Dystopian Congregation

A new world order is on the rise. What was tabooed in the past, is about to transmute into an esoteric way of life…

In the future, the door opens to a dystopian world – an obliterated, clandestine tribe emerges in the midst of a world that perishes and burns. Veiled mysteries and concealed truths come to light. The primordial rituals and ancient knowledge of their ancestors hold the power to awaken their descendants. In the time to come, the congregation will manifest as a gateway to higher realms of consciousness and soul connections that can reshape the fate of humanity.

This audio story traces the hidden secrets of these obscure tribes and the journey behind their sacred union, reviving the remnants of what lay forgotten.

🔸Mastering- Biomekanik
🔸Cover Art- Azra X Ryche
🔸Guitar and bass on track 04 by Icostech and mixed by McCoy D’silva


Released June 8, 2023Alice-D Records


All rights reserved


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