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Oroboro – Constellar


Observing the night sky is fascinating.
The stars, the vastness of space, the beauty of all those constellations –
this has always been one of the most fundamental sources of inspiration for me. I do believe that whether we realize it or not, we are all connected to stellar constellations; the positions of these heavenly bodies give each one of us an individual signature.This led me to wonder about the connections between music, stars & their underlying constellations. Thoughts like this have been the inspiration for many musical & artistic compositions through many eras. Now that we are privileged to have countless new methods of arranging and composing sound, it opens up whole new possibilities to integrate music, expression of art & scientific research. Just like the planets, seasons & weather have their own movement, so do frequencies, tones & rhythms. The movement of sound is powerful enough to even create different colors, shapes and moods to perceive.Music thrives through these alternations of opposites, which gives the
listener access to endless possibilities & countless worlds. We could
perhaps describe it as a form of cosmic fuel to power new ideas &  more


Releases December 16, 2022

Written & Produced by: Robin Draper
Artist: Oroboro
Cover Design & Video Art: Cle Cosinus
Mastering: Bruno Biomekanik @Biolab Studio, Berlin
Album Credits: Alice-D Records 2022


(c) All rights reserved


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