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Grainripper – Project Blue Book

Track listing


1. Grainripper – Vital information (06:47)

2. Grainripper – Worse than a lie (06:40)

3. Grainripper – Project Blue Book (07:11)


The story of Project Blue Book is based on true event happened in the early 50’s. At that time the United States air force investigated reports and sightings of undefined flying objects, the program called “Project Blue Book”. Project Blue Book investigated over 10.000 UFO sightings and more then 700 of those sightings remained unidentified. Many UFO researchers feel that the investigations of the UFO sightings were unprofessional and unscientific. The program used poor research methods and researchers were too eager to label a mysterious sighting as ‘identified’ phenomena. Individual researchers and UFO organisations believe that members of Project Blue Book were pressured to ‘identify’ UFO sightings to calm the public hysteria about UFOs. This theory has been supported by the recent release of CIA documents pertaining to UFOs. They also suggest that any report that was initially perceived as unexplainable or would cause public concern was never included in Project Blue Book. They allege that these reports were passed on to a higher authority that never reported the results to the public. Project Blue Book, it seems, was just a low level collection and disinformation program created under Project Sign (of December 1947) which evolved into Project Grudge (of December 1948) to cover up the true investigation into the alien presence on Earth.


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