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Ogoun – Oga Alabe

Track listing

1. Ogoun – Rito Massivo (07:08)

2. Ogoun – Vital Drum Force (08:36)

3. Ogoun – Vertigo (08:30)

4. Ogoun – Volo Dalma (09:49)

5. Ogoun – Quikuntakta (10:03)

6. Ogoun – Natem (10:37)

7. The Nommos – Tribas Weirdos (Ogoun Remix) (08:24)

8. Ogoun – Sacret Grove Ritual (14:26)


The primordial Orisha deity Ogoun, the worshipper of the sun, the one whose universe is divine love transcends unparalleled reality When the cosmic Throttle tills the space, his divinity break open from the nutshell of the supreme being. The mysticism shrouded in darkness comes in light when the Ogoun take the form of the deadly scorpion taming its ego with the machete in his hands shining like thousand suns. The cosmic sound is the space where Ogoun awaits. Let the journey of the Ogoun begin.


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