Neil Hague – UK

Neil Hague is a UK Metaphysical artist, authorial illustrator and lecturer, originally trained in graphics and book publishing. Over the past fifteen years he has developed a ‘unique’ vision through his unique style of art and creativity. One that has been described as both spiritual and ‘neo-shamanic’ by people who have heard him lecture or who have seen his work.

Neil was born and brought up in Rotherham, South Yorkshire in the UK, to working class parents; and from an early age his imagination and passion for book illustration was to lead him initially into a career in illustration/design and eventually lecturing. Since 2005 he has also developed a career as a painter of trancendental, metaphysical art producing unique imagery for a niche area.

Having spent the early part of the 1990’s working as a book designer and illustrator, Neil went on to complete a postgraduate diploma in Narrative Illustration at the University of Brighton. During this period his work was selected for Images the Best of British Illustration and for the Macmillan Book Illustration Award at the Royal College of Art 1993.

Neil has had numerous exhibitions in the UK and his paintings have appeared on book covers all over the world. Inspired by native Earth peoples, ‘universal’ symbols, archetypes and a love of the science behind nature, he often links and expresses these sources within his work.

In his self-published books Through Ancient Eyes and Journeys in the Dreamtime, he illustrates a personal and fascinating approach to art and image making. In his first Illustrated Story Kokoro, he encapsulates the story of creation with the ‘themes and signs’ unfolding in our reality, as we go through a major shift in consciousness at this time. In his second narrative Moon Slayer, he takes the story further and deeper in terms of characters the creation of our reality. He is currently working on Kokoro part three.

Originally trained in conventional Graphic Arts and Illustration with London agents in the mid 90’s, and over two decades of publishing experience, Neil has an ability to manage and produce individualized book Illustration projects and designs from concept to final output and to budget. With Illustrated work appearing in books and global presentations, He has seen the Illustration profession from all angles; as an artist, commissioning editor to a project manger within publishing. Neil has had several lecturing posts in colleges across the UK since the 90s, teaching Illustration, graphic design, concept art and visual communication.

Neil has lectured on symbolism, creativity and the power of the Imagination since 2004. His highly visual presentations are thought provoking, speak directly to the subconscious mind and more importantly to the heart of those that hear his words.