Future Mode – Greece

Future Mode is a project started on 2013 by Aris from Greece.Aris joined the psychedelic scene at 2006 at the age of 15, psychedelic movement have been a big part of his life through organizing events visiting psychedelic gatherings and lately by creating visual art. Future Mode project for the time of 2013-2015 it was just growing underground with out any public performance or previews.Now after enough time of preparation the first videos are online for presenting the visual artwork and the concept of the project.Aris have been a basic member of the organization team which was responsible for Haunted Future at 2012 and Haunted Future 2 at 2014 in Greece.Also he was part of the collaboration in Inner Sanctum Festival for the first edition at 2013 in Hungary and Magik Festival first edition on December of 2014 in Guatemala.Apart from these he was responsible for some other smaller events and been part of other festival crew.