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Dark Whisper – The Trivium

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Our planet is considered cross field planet
If you look at a cross, then that is comparable with the beam scales. The vertical strut corresponds to the connection of the material world with the divine spirit field. The horizontal bar shows the possibilities we humans have within a polar world. We can stay in the middle – near the connection between God and matter – but we can also go to the ends of the horizontal bar.
Anyone who is on the horizontal bar in the middle, ie in the area of the vertical bar, feels his constant connection to the divine spirit field. He feels a constant connection with God and also
connected with all humans, animals and the whole nature.
if the man stays there, then the balance is actually enough. Man an individual creator.

Does a human being rise above others – for example, as a guru or priest (exalted light)?
then he goes to one side of the scale.
This corresponds to a light that dazzles (God’s light in the middle does not dazzle)
and the scales are tilting. Since the scale must not tilt, at the same time on the other side of the horizontal bar – the dark side something happen: the dark gets weight. So basically, after all the light, the dark, comes after, and the cuffs fall out of its middle. He acts either on the dark, or the overpowering side. As a result, he loses the direct connection to God. because that is no longer noticeable on the ends of the scales (although in spite of everything available). In order to drown the loneliness, earthly collectives, which are subject to a pyramidal system, are created on the ends of the scales. There is a peak that has the power, in between the helpers of power and at the bottom the huge base of the collective.

However, we only recognize our direct attachment to God. when we become neutral again and take us out of this game. This would remove the wretchedness of this world if we would stop separating the two poles.
if we were to take the two poles for what they are: our way of recognizing, exploring matter, and being in their creator.


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