Yaga – India

In the captivating realm of psychedelic trance, where pulsating rhythms and mind-expanding melodies entwine, Yaga emerges as a luminary of sonic exploration. With an unrelenting ardor for pushing the boundaries of musical expression and rousing the soul, this enigmatic artist has carved
an indelible path within the tapestry of electronic music, conjuring ethereal soundscapes that transport audiences beyond the ordinary.

Originating beneath the celestial canopy of Bhiwani, Haryana, Yaga discovered solace in the enchanting world of music from early on. Enthralled by sound’s evocative prowess and its capacity to kindle
boundless imagination, Yaga embarked on an evolutionary quest, infusing creativity and unswerving diligence into the art of musical
creation. Through uncountable hours of sonic experimentation, Yaga has ascended as a formidable presence in the global psytrance panorama.

At the nucleus of Yagals auditory creations lies an exquisite amalgamation of entrancing rhythms, intricate textures, and celestial atmospheres. Their
compositions seamlessly weave together age-old tribal cadences with futuristic synths, giving birth to an immersive auditory canvas that blurs the lines between antiquity and futurism. Every track unfurls
like a meticulously spun tale, guiding listeners on a voyage that transcends temporal confines, ushering in an expansion of consciousness.

YAGA’S harmonious convergence with the Akkadian project was inevitable, their musical essence epitomizing a distinctive fusion of progressive and
dark psytrance elements, interwoven with the essence of organic tribal influences. Firmly rooted in pulsating basslines, their productions provide a solid foundation, grounding the listener’s journey. Meanwhile, celestial melodies and haunting vocals intertwine, conjuring intricate patterns that not only beckon introspection but also forge an ineffable connection with the cosmos. With an exacting ear for sonic aesthetics and an unwavering commitment to detail, Yaga’s creations ensnare the mind and elevate
the spirit, beckoning all to partake in an unforgettably transformative sonic sojourn.