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VA – Kancelled Kulture – Compiled by SawShield

Get ready to dive into the thought-provoking and dynamic world of “Kancelled Kulture”!

“Kancelled Kulture” delves deep into the complexities and emotions surrounding the ever-present topic of cancel culture. With this album, we aim to capture the essence of the debates, questions, and reflections that arise in a culture where even the slightest misstep can lead to ostracization.

Many thanks to the following artists for contributing towards this amazing collaboration:
– Crone
– Darkophonic Temple
– Primitive Sound
– HaniKual
– Sepehraka
– Freq36
– Holy Manullu
– Dark Whisper
– Sectio Aurea
– Oroboro
– Darkxel


Released on June 26 2023

Compiled by: Sawshield
Cover Design & Video Art: Cosmic Kat (@igore_cosmic)
Mastering: Alpscore
Album Credits: Alice-D Records 2023


All rights reserved


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