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The Nommos – Remixes Vol. 1

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Alice-D Records proudly presents: The Nommos – Remixes Vol.1

The Nommos is the project of Goa Gil and Ariane, established in the mid 90´ with the first released song called Po Tolo.
After two decades of action in Music, spiritual crescendo and spreading the music worldwide, the thought came up to collect a best of „The Nommos“ tracks and let various artists remix the songs based on the original idea, co&re-create in the current spirit of the age.

The CD includes remixes of 9 original „The Nommos“ tracks de-and re-constructed by :

Walpurgisnacht Projekt,
Dark Whisper,
Sectio Aurea.

Feel the vibration, immerse your mind into the ever changing shapes of sound and rising drums, listen through nature’s ears.

Purify…Worship Creation, Creator and Nature

‘Om Namo Narayan’


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