Prototype IX – Bolivia – Spain

Originating from the heart of Bolivia and now a creative force in Spain, Alejandro Malatesta has given birth to Prototype IX, a musical entity like no other. With a journey that began more than 17 years ago, 2023 marks the zenith of his sonic exploration. Prepare to be enthralled.

The style of Prototype IX is nothing short of a musical insurgency. Blending aggression, horror, and a touch of melancholic darkness, Alejandro crafts emotive atmospheres that reach into the depths of the soul. His compositions are a stark contrast between the hauntingly melodic and the chillingly horrifying, creating a sonic landscape that’s both disconcerting and entrancing.

But there’s more to Prototype IX than just music; it’s the embodiment of a vivid, dystopian narrative. Within each note, Alejandro weaves a chilling tale of a future world consumed by relentless warfare. In this dystopian odyssey, warlords reign supreme, and the battlefield is the only home left for the last survivors of our old world. Prototype IX’s music unravels the human condition, showcasing the best and worst of humanity in a cinematic saga that leaves listeners both awestruck and contemplative.

Dive into the world of Prototype IX, where sound becomes the canvas for a post-apocalyptic epic, and Alejandro Malatesta stands as the virtuoso of the apocalypse, painting the future in hauntingly beautiful hues of sound and despair.