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KinetiK Flux – Quantum Dreams

Alice-D is thrilled to announce KinetiK Flux’s first EP with the label, “Quantum Dreams”.

Embark on an enthralling journey through the mind with ‘Quantum Dreams,’ a 3-track EP that dives into the infinite world of dreams. The music reflects the search for the infinitely large and small dreams, like sailing on an ocean of possibilities. This is a sonic tapestry that delves into the tangle between intricacies and vagueness of dreams. Each track invites you to explore the mysterious parts of your own mind, where the line between real life and dreams gets blurry. This is a trip through your thoughts.


releases January 12, 2024

Concept and Music Production: Renaud Lopez (KinetiK Flux)
Music Mastering: Bruno (Biomekanik) @ Biolab Studio, Berlin
Album Artwork: MadSaM’andalas
Album Credits: Alice-D Records 2024


all rights reserved


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