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Crone & Bonsai – Medicina


1. Crone + Bonsai – Song of Elves
2. Crone + Bonsai – Catarsis
3. Crone + Bonsai – Medicina

Embark on a mystical journey with Crone & Bonsai, spanning the ancestral lands of Greece and Guatemala. Together, we’ve crafted a captivating tale for the cherished psychedelic community.

The enchanting melody of elves beckons us into cathartic dance therapy, paving the way for us to immerse ourselves in the healing essence of Medicina.

Special gratitude to Alice-D Records for embracing our voices through our music.

– Crone & Bonsai



Releases February 26, 2024

Concept and Music Production: Konstantinos Tsitouris aka Crone + Kenneth Granados aka Bonsai
Music Mastering: Bruno (Biomekanik) @ Biolab Studio, Berlin
Album Artwork: Ashtak Signh
Album Credits: Alice-D Records 2024

© All rights reserved


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