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Audiosyntax – Xhakrik Rhizoma – Seed Edits

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The Seed edits is a series of seven tracks that are the sample base of the Xhakrik Rhozoma color series
each track has the tonality of the respective color. the bpm is chosen intuitively


(Chakric, adj. in the term of chakras, described as energy centers of certain qualities associated with modal states of consciousness and subdivisions in a system of integral functioning of the human being.
It is assumed that chakras can be influenced by means that associate to their innate qualities, like the frequencies of light ( color ) and sound ( tone, tuning )

Root Network as plants grow it. The substantial primal anchor into a substrate of existence in an outer world or interconnected Network

A little History

this project began approximately 2 years ago when i dwelled into the conceptual limitation of music in order to create a more defined quality, and therefore influence.
The idea was to make one track devoted to each of the seven chakras referencing a color.
i started by synthezising and collecting samples wich contain the base note of that color frequency and the atmosphere i associated with each specific one.

I started with one track for each of 7 colours, rising in BPM in the shift from dark and slow, to light and fast

Later in the experiment i thought of adjusting the BPM to the respective color in each track but this resulted in a decision i had to make.
Converting a frequency of a tonality into a beat will leave you with a BPM that is too high the be perceived as a rhythmic structure.
the answer is, due to the law of the octaves, to half the frequency stepwise until you reach a speed that is within the human range of perceiving something a distinct rhythm.
now i had to decide wich speed i was gonna use, for example 400bpm is already well manageably and the next lower octave of 200bpm is readily deployed by and upcoming scene of psychedelic artists, but had been used widely by classical composers and gipsy balkan volk music 100bpm is in the area of downtempo beats whereas after with 50bpm we are approaching an experimental realm of ambient beats merging into drone like structures around 25bpm or even 12,5bpm

as all of these alternatives seemed valid at some point i realised i didn’t want to limit the experiment to a certain to decision but i had to explore them all.
It seemed analogous to the different modalities of human states of being, like being activated, or calmed down, focused or dispersed

So i went for all of them.
This means that each original of 7 tracks would be transformed into at least 4 or 5 other remixes inside the range of what i believed to makes sense to explore musically

As an example:
The first Chakra deals with fear/grounding the overcoming of fear, the rootedness in stable rhythmics.
Its color is a deep red, its warm and comforting womb like nature, as well as its reassuring strength, but also a hughe threatening void of existence, fear and terror, red warning, black darkness.
My intent was to play with booth states but focus on directing towards a balance, transcending fear, rattling loose the energies.
And settling them in a stable groove.

The original track i set at 172bpm
Tuning the bpm to the color red left me with a frequency of 182.04BPM
derived from that point i found that the double of 364.08 BPm is still interesting as well as the lower versions of
91BPM, 45,5BPM and 22,75BPM
The remixes of the first track of 172 were crafted entirely of the samples that had been created in the initial synthesis session in respect to that energy and atmosphere.

The Project Continues with the Color of Orange and 176 BPM
alternatives with the adjusted Beats per minute are

2.1 24.65 BPM
2.2 49.31 BPM
2.3 98.63 BPM
2.4 98.63 b BPM
2.5 197.26 BPM

And so forth Continuing through the Colors of






so in total a series of 7*6 tracks were produced emerging along genres as DarkPsytrance, Hitech, Glitch , Downtempo, Ambient, Drone and progressive
all in all i like the recently discovered term, “Genre Fluid”

So now you know
you are welcome to ask in case any of unclarity or further interest in my conceptual approach.
thank you for bearing with me until this point

I will be releasing each color as 5 track albums per Month after month, plus the initial set of seven tracks containing a progression of all seven colors as one separate album.
with each new color i will release a preview of the next color to come.

in humble faith of your appreciation,

Audiosyntax <3
released October 24, 2018

Conception and Text by David Slojewski
Synthesis and Composition by David Slojewski (AUDIOSYNTAX)
Mastering by Bruno Biomekanik at Biolab Berlin
Graphic Artwork by 25m42
Symbol Design and Cover adaptation David Slojewski
Record Label: Alice-D Records


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