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Alpscore – Passenger


Gone is the calm before the storm. Alpscore is back with his third LP to date – PASSENGER.

The abundance of manifold impressions and the privilege of partaking in cultural treasures, which Alpscore is allowed to experience on his travels, served as the inspiration for this record.

Prepare yourself for a sound avalanche that is beyond compare. Characterized by infectious, almost breakneck grooves which are complemented by rapid breaks and multi-layered melodies. Ambiguity and complexity run like a thread through the entire work. What is striking is how the underlying framework of deep, dark and driving beats and rhythms that is a signature of Alpscore is contrasted at times by friendly harmonies that feel almost idyllic in places. Thus, a completely new depth of meditative trance is achieved, yet at no point loses anything in raw danceability.


Released November 18, 2022

All tracks written & produced by Max F. aka AlpsCore @ MAFA Studio, Innsbruck
Mastering by Technical Hitch
Album Credits: Alice-D Records 2022


(c) All rights reserved


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