System Crash – Germany

System Crash is a project of michael based in the region of the Blackforest.

He start Djing around 2005 after his interests goes further then mixing tracks, so he decide to produce his own style of music. SystemCrash was found in 2007.

His music can be described as “high tek psychedelic with psycore elements , always based on finest quality in the production, with trippy melodic basslines and surround noises with leads that push you true other dimensions

After releasing his Ep ” Synthetic Element ” and several others in Va’S , he compiled ” Indigo Generation ” in 2012 for Alice D Records.

In the end of 2013 he founded together with Dark Whisper the Project NativeElements.
At the moment, he is working on his second ep. (release beginning 2016)
and at the NativeElements project.