Primitive Sound – India

Primitive Sound is a project initiated by Dinesh Kumar Raman of South India.

He was first introduced to the world of instruments at the age of 14, this new found interest led him to be a part of various rock bands by the age of 18, at this time his ever growing thirst for new sounds steered him to the eclectic world of psychedelia, the trance states he experienced opened new portals in his mind which re calibrated the way he heard and thought of sound, and a new world of possibilities came to be.

His curious nature made him question this alluring trance formula and how to create it in way he could express himself. Inspired by what he experienced he started experimenting with electronic sounds. Together with the knowledge of music and eagerness to learn, he taught himself through trial and error and came up with his own sound, thus Primitive Sound was conceived in 2013.

The concept bloomed from deep within his consciousness, which was to fuse modern evolved future sounds with ancestral rhythms to create a sacred concoction of sound patterns, that acts as a tool to initiate change in perception and become aware of the facets of ones ego and mold it to achieve higher states of consciousness.
primitive sound connects you to the roots exposing your primordial self.