Necropsycho – Brazil

Carmine E. Tarsitano aka Nuccho is a Brazilian music producer from Guarulhos city, São Paulo. Nuccho began producing electronic music in 2000, starting with djsets. In 2003, he created his own project ‘Necropsycho’ with his friend Hermann, after releasing various tracks in compilations and albums. He toured mainly in the psychedelic trance scene worldwide, through Europe, South America, Central America and India . Today Nuccho is responsible for projects: Necropsycho, Megiddo and Ogoun with the Italian producer DarkWhisper and AlienCorporation with German producer SystemCrash.

His music influences are mostly Goa Trance, Experimental music, Hardcore, Industrial (EBM), Drum n Bass, Rock n Roll, Folk, Tribal and Ethnic Ancestral songs. Thereby creating a personality for his digital compositions, and thus manifesting and achieving various affections of the soul by sound production.

With his own lengthy presentations he committed himself in music and the result has already been expressed as much as for the public. His mission is to rise through the essential possibility of transcendence.